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Staying Healthy during Holidays

Travelling is one of those things we all get dreamy about. All year long, we work hard toward a time when we switch off, relax and discover foreign countries, new cultures and exotic food. While packing our bags and suitcases we imagine beautiful nature, remote beaches and thrilling metropoles. We see everything through rose-tinted glasses until we realize that it might be really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle among delicious temptations under sunny skies.
So, how can we enjoy our well-deserved holidays without jeopardizing our health and all the investment we’ve put into our bikini body?

Don’t worry, I got you covered if you stick to the following tips:

1. Organizing

Depending on the way you like to travel, you can easily research how your diet will be like at your destination. What kind of meals will be served in your hotel? Will you be cooking your own food? Will you be able to shop at a local farmers market or is your accommodation close to a commercial shopping plaza with many fast food places? Do your homework and find out ahead of time what options you’ll have on-site to get access to healthy and good quality food.

2. Prepare your snacks

If you know that it’ll be difficult to get hold of good food, make sure to bring or prepare healthy snacks that will prevent cravings and keep you from making poor food choices. A tasty trail mix is easily made by mixing some nuts, seeds and dried fruits, all of which provide you with valuable nutrients. There are also plenty of other options like healthy nut bars, rice crackers or veggie snacks, for example cherry tomatoes, that you can buy in many supermarkets. If you do your research properly, you will know what to expect and you can either buy healthy snacks on-site or bring them with you from home.

3. Perspective

When it comes to sports, many people feel that they don’t have to take it seriously during their holidays. They might enjoy a dip in the hotel pool but that’s about it. What if you changed your overall perspective about sports and exercise during holidays? Working out and moving your body shouldn’t be considered annoying, but rather a precious time you fully dedicate to your body and soul. Appreciate this time even more when you’re away and you might develop a refreshingly new perception of your body.

4. Experimentation

Not only do I suggest valuing the time you dedicate to your body during travels, I also encourage you to be creative and try out new sports, which you usually don’t or can’t do at home. This is the best time to be experimental and figure out whether you like hiking, water skiing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, surfing or sight jogging in big cities. Go ahead and try new sports!

5. Eat locally

Did you know that most traditional foods are actually very healthy and have little calories? Most of the things that make us fat and unhealthy are processed grains and sugars, additives and sodas, which nowadays are available all over the world due to globalization. If you look at the eating habits of many indigenous people, you’ll realize that many dishes are made with lots of vegetables, fruits, rice and sometimes ancient grains. Therefore, we’ll save calories and support a cleaner environment at the same time when turning to regional and more original foods during our holiday. Ripe seasonal produce definitely tastes more delicious and aromatic anyway and upgrades our culinary discoveries en passant.

6. Drink responsibly

Visiting a regional vineyard and attending a wine tasting is one thing – drinking excessively to get wasted every single night is another. There is a limit to drinking alcohol and we all know it. So if you want to avoid all the uncomfortable side effects of too much alcohol (drowsiness, headaches, digestive issues, skin rash, etc.) I suggest drinking responsibly. Moderating alcohol consumption will allow you to have enough energy for precious things, like exploring a city, visiting a historic museum or scuba diving in a mesmerizing reef.

7. Be mindful

Holidays are about unwinding from a stressful phase, recharging, energizing and simply enjoying life. They’re not about rules that are hard to follow, restricting ourselves or feeling depressed because we cannot seize the moment. Consciously enjoying a tasty meal without feeling guilty about it does your soul well. Just remember to take care of your body and choosing a healthier alternative on the next occasion or increasing your activity levels.

Staying healthy during holidays can sometimes be really challenging, but there is no need to panic. It’s important to not stress over imperfections when it comes to food choices, as you can always make better choices the next time around. Stay positive because eventually, holidays are about having a good time and for many people culinary delights are simply a part of it. Plan ahead of time, move a lot and try local meals – in doing so, you’ll be able to combine a good time with healthy choices, which will turn your holidays into an even more stunning experience and thus ensure unforgettable memories.

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Merry Green

Marijana is a passionate foodie, blogger, hobby chef, and sports enthusiast. Always on the lookout for new recipes and exciting activities, she pursues a natural lifestyle that contributes to a happier healthier self. She loves avocados, discovering healthy and tasty food, creating great recipes and traveling. With her blog Merry Green, she wants to inspire people to embrace a healthy balanced lifestyle and discover the natural treasures of our earth.

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