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Plant Cube: your own greenhouse at home

Your small herb garden on the balcony doesn’t flourish because the weather isn’t on your side again and the vegetables from the supermarket are full of pesticides?There will be a sustainable & stylish alternative to this problem soon: the Plant Cube – your own little greenhouse for your home in a dimension of a fridge.

What’s great about it?

Individually adjustable ideal conditions for all kind of vegetables give you the possibility to harvest extremely fresh ingredients which have up to 4x more nutrients than the greens from the supermarket.

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How does it work?

Due to perfect cultivation conditions, which are generated by special LED lights and optimal breeding grounds and the elimination of the transport routes. Because of that you are able to cultivate your favourite greens all year round, pick it and enjoy it right out of the Plant Cube, even without having green fingers and lots of time. With the smart Plant Cube App you can control the conditions inside your greenhouse very easily, you can contact other PlantCube-owner or order new breeding grounds. Furthermore the Plant Cube  uses less water, is working completely without pesticides and reduces the CO2-pollution by cancelling the transport.

Who and what is behind?

The young team behind the munich Vertical Farming Start-Up “agrilution” is developing it’s Plant Dube since 2013 and is growing constantly. The guys are seeking a solution of a global challenge: the sustainable and healthy nutrition of the world population. The idea of bringing the food production as close as possible to the consumer and thereby supply local, fresh and nutritious food, supports the concept of Vertical Farming. In principle Vertical Farming is turning the regular agricultural methods for food production upside down and utilises unused areas in cities to cultivate food vertically.  And why? Because the arable areas are getting less and less, because the urbanization proceeds rapidly, because the transport of food across the globe is highly harmful to the environment & withdraw the nutritions and vitamins from the transported food and because all the pesticides are soiling our groundwater. And we absolutely have to do something against it. But how to begin?  For example with your own little greenhouse at home, in your Restaurant or Hotel with a completely local harvest which is good for us and our environment.

We want to plant!Now!

We love the idea of growing our own fresh, rich in vitamins and tasteful vegetables even without having a big garden, a huge effort and independent of weather and season. So off you go to and ensure your own stylish Plant Cube which should be available end of 2016. We are completely enthusiastic about planting and possibly there will be fresh homegrown food from the Plant Cube in one of our SleepGreenHotels soon 🙂

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