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Locomore-a green alternative to Deutsche Bahn?

There is no alternative to Deutsche Bahn? No way!

The start-up Locomore wants to be the inexpensive, cultivated and green alternative to the Deutsche Bahn in the future and started its maiden voyage last Wednesday from Stuttgart to Berlin. Through crowdfunding the company could already raise 600.000 € to send off its first train. The trains, which Locomore wants to use for additional routes as well, are not brand new ICE-trains, but refurbished used wagons operated by green power, never driving with maximum speed. That’s why the Locomore-train needs one hour more as the Deutsche Bahn-trains for the distance Stuttgart-Berlin. But for that guests can drive with a calm green conscience and looking forward to low prices.

Cultivated & relaxed travels with the train

Derek Ladewig, founder of Locomore, former manager of a transport association as well as former Bahn-speaker of the green party in the Bundestag associates with rail travel not only transportation but also relaxed travels. And this is what Ladewig wants to bring back to the people: a positive association with rail travel.

Furthermore Ladewig doesn’t want to drive the Deutsche Bahn out of the market, but rather bring additional traffic to the rails. He wants to entice away costumers from driving with the car, taking the remote bus or the plane and make the most ecological way of travelling more popular again.

Locomore – Much more than just a green train!

More tables, free Wifi, service directly at the seat and extremely low prices are only a few arguments which are pleading for a ride with the Locomore. Apart from the overall green focus, which makes rail travel to an ecologically justified and cultivated way of transport.

The concept of “Social Seating”, which will be available in the Locomore-trains from now on is brand new. With the coice of so called thematic areas in the process of seat reservation, the start-up wants to give their passengers the possibility to enjoy the train ride with like-minded people. There will be for example one section for the board game community, one for soccer-fans or currently there is one for christmas handicraft work – here everybody, who wants to travel in good company and meet interesting new people, will find the right section. And if you want to be by yourself, you can find a section for that as well, of course.

We keep our fingers crossed!

If the first train from Stuttgart to Berlin will be a success, Locomore is planning to expand to further routes. We keep our fingers crossed that Locomore will be thriving so we can share Ladewig’s romantic vision of rail travel and get around with a clear conscience and in good company 🙂

You can find more information about the green trains here.

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