Its artistic touch is what makes the arthotel «Der Wilhelmshof» unique in Vienna. The exceptional ambiance and personal charm create a fascinating atmosphere for the guest, full of elegance and balanced harmony.

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Individual furnishign by Ty Waltinger

Together with the famous Viennese artist Ty Waltinger we have developed a concept to present a house full of history, poetry and art in an unusual way. Ty Waltinger is known to work with genuine, sometime very rare and precious pigments that give his works a rarely-seen luminosity. In the city hotel «Der Wilhelmshof» he closes the circle from painted lamp shades via the impressively large pigment pictures in the dining rooms to the exclusive stereograms in the rooms. The result is a house that develops slowly into a holistic piece of art, like his intense work.

Andreas Reimann – mixed media pop art

Andreas Reimann further develops pop art in Andy Warhol’s tradition. While Warhol works are rather static, Reimann emphasizes dynamics and feels at home it the tradition of mannerism. Thus, his multi-layered silkscreen works are produced digitally – and reveal hidden details. He gained international recognition through his homages to celebrities such as Romy Schneider.

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