We are pioneers in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainable tourism in Vienna, and we are the first hotel in Vienna which was awarded with the EU Ecolabel, we also received the Environmental Award of the City of Vienna and the National Award for tourism in 2009.

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Lavendel  hoch Photovoltaik Stadthalle Wien

With 130m² of solar panels, 93m² photovoltaic system and a water heat pump we produce the energy we need for our passive house.
We collect the well water for toilet flushing and garden watering, 2 electric car filling stations are planned outside the hotel and all 38 rooms in the passive house are equipped with LED lights.

Also in terms of sustainable mobility, the hotel has come up with a good idea:  if anyone needs a taxi, only taxis with hybrid drive are called. Our drinking water is unique for a city hotel: we have a Grander water revitalization system.

The entire team lives by the motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We care much about the environment, therefore we support all guests who arrive by bicycle or train with a green bonus of 10%.


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    Spend a great time together with your beloved one!
  • Lavendel Package

    Enjoy the view on Vienna’s largest lavender field.
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    Enjoy romantic hours with your honey
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Boutiquehotel Stadthalle
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