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Why Sleep Green Hotels?

As leading hotels in the field of sustainable tourism we are strengthening and expanding our market position with our joint marketing platform. The admission criteria for a Sleep Green Hotel are clearly defined. Hotels that meet our requirements are exemplary managed companies based on the three pillars of sustainability (ecology, economy and social) and follow the clear corporate philosophy of a sustainable business, which is documented in written form.

Admission criteria

We document the degree of sustainable implementation and operation with the number of green pillows. We have defined ten criteria as a minimum standard for admission:

  1. an up-to-date sustainability concept with corresponding management and action plan is in place. This is documented regularly and is publicly accessible.
  2. at least one official certification as a sustainable company.
  3. member houses commit to exemplary employee management and involve their employees in the green corporate philosophy.
  4. compliance with ILO core labor standards.
  5. use/own generation of the required energy, for cooling/heating energy generation from renewable sources.
  6. purchase of electricity from at least 90% renewable energy sources.
  7. use of regional and certified organic food.
  8. waste management concept with defined reduction targets.
  9. land use in accordance with local laws and protection of local culture and nature.
  10. each member establishment must have at least two of the required three ratings on the Internet:
  • > 8.0
  • Tripadvisor > 4.0
  • Holiday Check recommendation rate > 90%


In addition, our criteria catalog consists of 70 further criteria from the areas of social commitment, energy, water, waste, cleaning/hygiene, food, mobility, building/equipment/exterior and management & communication. The catalog forms the basis for the awarding of our green pillows, which is linked to the percentage fulfillment of the criteria. If all criteria are met and documented, the respective hotel is awarded five green pillows.

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